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Stencyl behaviors and attributes info is now here. On the homepage, we now have a feature that shows all the features and behaviors of stencyl's actor Attributes. There is also a template showing the features using the same design of the one on the homepage.

To add the template, add {{Behaviors}} to a page describing the behaviors to get

Stencyl Behaviors and Categories

This is a table of short descriptions of the features of the stencyl 3.0. Read the features and learn how they work.

Controls Eye Candy GUI Motion Rules Utilities
2 Way Horizontal Movement Explode on Death Anchor to Screen Always Simulate Die After Time Endless Animation
2 Way Vertical Movement Fade After Time Emphasise on Mouse over Back and Forth Horizontally Die on Click or Touch Facebook Share Button
4 Way Movement Flicker on Collision On Screen Button Bounce off Screen Bounds Die on Collision with Actor Type Label
8 Way Movement Intro Title Three State Button Bounce with Full Speed Open URL button
Apply Force Toggle Button Cannot Exit Screen
Asteroids Movement Cannot Exit Scene
Drag and Drop
Face the Mouse
Fire Bullet/Fire Bullet Wave