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Help by viewing About this wiki, Wanted Pages, New pages, Categories, Wiki tutorial, Help pages.This Wiki is a collaborative wiki that is about Stencyl.This wiki will be a professional wiki that will soon grow.

DiVisive Shinobi DiVisive Shinobi 24 November 2014

Stencyl Members on this Wiki

Stencyl Members,this wiki is for you!You can use this wiki as info and help for those who are new to stencyl.So you can come here for help.

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A "Kill Self" image. This can be used on your project, which can be found in your files. Search through the data until you find the icons sections.

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What's going on?[]

We are working on a bit of project to make this wiki larger and even more attractive. 

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We need more pages to go on this wiki. You need to add some pages to expand the size of this wiki. We hope to reach 100 pages by June! You can help out Here

Stencyl Behaviors and Categories[]

This is a table of short descriptions of the features of the stencyl 3.0. Read the features and learn how they work.

Controls Eye Candy GUI Motion Rules Utilities
2 Way Horizontal Movement Explode on Death Anchor to Screen Always Simulate Die After Time Endless Animation
2 Way Vertical Movement Fade After Time Emphasise on Mouse over Back and Forth Horizontally Die on Click or Touch Facebook Share Button
4 Way Movement Flicker on Collision On Screen Button Bounce off Screen Bounds Die on Collision with Actor Type Label
8 Way Movement Intro Title Three State Button Bounce with Full Speed Open URL button
Apply Force Toggle Button Cannot Exit Screen
Asteroids Movement Cannot Exit Scene
Drag and Drop
Face the Mouse
Fire Bullet/Fire Bullet Wave