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Export to a SWF

A SWF (Shockwave Flash) file is the format for all exported Flash games. This is the file that you upload to portals such as Kongregate and Newgrounds.

To export a SWF, go to Publish > Web > Flash in the main menu. You'll be asked where to save the game out to. Pick a directory where you have write access. After a brief wait, your SWF will export. That's it!

Tip: If the game fails to export, consult the troubleshooting section below. Publish to the Stencyl Arcade

In addition to publishing a SWF, you can publish your game directly to our Arcade to share it with the community and receive useful feedback.

To publish to our Arcade, go to Publish > Stencyl > Arcade in the main menu.

This will generate the SWF and automatically upload it to our site. If you've already published this game in the past, it will update the existing entry.

Note: There is an 8 MB limit on games published to our Arcade. If your game is larger, publish to a 3rd party sites like and Game Jolt. How to Remove the Splash Screen

Every Flash game published with Stencyl displays a small badge in the loading screen.

If you'd like to remove this branding (because a sponsor requires it, for example), purchase a license, which includes many other benefits besides splash screen removal.

Site Locking

If your game is popular, people will snatch it and upload it to other sites, causing you to give others ad revenue off your game without your permission.

This can be deterred through site locking, a feature that prevents the game from starting if it's hosted on a different domain from any on a "whitelist" that you create.