What are Pre-Shipped Behaviors?

Stencyl includes several dozen of the most common and useful behaviors. Why? Because it's no fun reinventing the wheel or foraging around on StencylForge when you could get the "real" thing out of the box.

To find them, just begin attaching a behavior to an Actor or Scene like you'd normally do.

Then, pick something from the FROM YOUR LIBRARY section.

What's currently available?

Disclaimer: Names may slightly differ in practice. Some behaviors may have shifted around over time. Controls

2/4/8 Way Motion Asteroids Motion Follow the Mouse Face the Mouse Simple Jump & Run Controller Fire Weapon w/Bullet Limiter Shoot Around the Block Drag and Drop Motion

Circular Motion Wave Motion Back and Forth Wander Bounce off Wall Follow Target Follow Path Face Direction of Motion Don't Exit Screen Wrap Around Screen Starting / Random Starting Velocity GUI

Three State Button

Effect on Mouse Over

Die on Click


Game Debugger

Draw Terrain

Video Player

Social Media Helper


Hide Mouse Cursor

Can I suggest some behaviors?

Sure! Tell us in this forum topic.

Please don't suggest any behaviors here - we'll miss it.

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