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Using External Editors

Stencyl plays nice with external editors such as Notepad and FlashDevelop.

Configure this setting inside Preferences > Workspace. It will open up the editor on demand and auto-sync the changes when you save in that external editor.Note: In the future, we may begin bundling FlashDevelop a popular Haxe/Flash-centric IDE that is in the process of becoming cross-platform.

Switching Between Design and Code Mode

At this point in time, we don't support switching between these two modes. A behavior is designated as always being in one or another and cannot be changed after the fact.

If you want to mix the two, you need to make a design mode behavior and stick in code blocks.

How to Define Attributes

In order to expose a class member for a Code Mode Behavior as a configurable attribute, you need to annotate it. The easiest way to learn the syntax is by example.

//Expose your attributes to Stencyl like this
[Attribute(id="1", name="Display Name", desc="An Attribute")]
public var attributeName:String = "default";